HP Neutral Brush Finishcoat + Catalyst ( FLOW COAT )

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HP Finishcoats by Trojan Fibreglass are high performance Finishcoats manufactured and designed to the highest standard. With the end user in mind they are formulated to show excellent flow, levelling, coverage, gloss retention, UV stability, water and chemical resistance. Manufactured right here in our Australian production plant, we use the highest quality base resins, raw materials and additives on the market. Formulated by people who know the industry, understand the needs and wants from the industry.

Trojans HP Finishcoats are manufactured for roller or brush, but can be thinned and spray if needed. Thin using styrene monomer at a ratio of 0.5-1% by volume. HP Finishcoats are formulated to be used for swimming pool resurfacing and show excellent coverage, colour retention and fast cure times for the end user.

Please  Note: Only specific colours are approved for use in a swimming pool environment, correct procedures must be followed when using this product as a swimming pool resurfacing product. Please contact our office and we can talk you thorough the correct products and procedures to follow. 

Catalyst:  When purchasing 20kg of Resin, Catalyst will be sent separately.


Mixing Directions

  • Resin should be mixed in a clean plastic disposable container or measuring jug. Resin should be measured by volume or weight only. It is very important to accurately measure resin and catalyst for optimum performance.
  • Ideal resin temperature is 18-25°c or room temperature. Resin temperature outside of this will have a change in pot life and working time.
  • Mix Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (Catalyst) with resin at a ratio of 2% by weight or volume.
  • Use a syringe or scales to measure catalyst accurately, add to measured resin and mix slowly, ensuring not to create excessive air entrapment. Mix for approx. 30 seconds, ensuring to scrape bottom and edges of the mixing container. It is good practice to transfer finishcoats over to a new mixing container and re-mix again to ensure consistency.
  • Resin pot life will be approx.  20-30 mins mixed at a 2% catalyst ratio *

General Safety Directions

  • Always consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Available upon request.
  • Use in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear the following PPE safety equipment; disposable gloves, face mask, safety glasses.
  • If resin or catalyst comes into contact with skin or clothing. Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with cool water. If any further symptoms persist consult your doctor or emergency department.
  • Dispose of all resins as per your council regulations for hazardous material.
  * To be used as a guide only, ambient temperature and resin temperature will effect geltime and curing properties. The end user must test material before any application to ensure correct compatibility of the resin.