Finish Coat / Flowcoat

A Polyester Finishcoat is a type of gelcoat resin that is specially formulated to be used as a final topcoat over a laminated surface. Unlike gelcoat finishcoat can be applied on the final surface of a laminate, it has a wax additive that as the resin cures the wax rises to the surface forming a hard gloss surface. This surface will not remain tacky or sticky like conventional spray or brush gelcoats do. Finishcoat has excellent coverage and can cover most surface imperfections resulting from resin wet out and print through from glass fibres.

Polyester Finishcoat can be manufactured into a neutral colour so that a coloured pigment can be added to the resin and applied as a coloured topcoat. End users should always ensure that when adding pigment to finishcoat that they follow the manufacturers recommendations for addition amounts. When being used in a swimming pool environment as a topcoat, user should always speak to the manufacturer before use as some colours are not recommended to be used in a submerged environment.

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