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Rising costs in the composite industry

Dear Valued Customers,

Currently there is several factors in the composite industry worldwide that are pushing prices of all resins and glass products. This is an international trend at the moment and at this stage it is not known how long these price highs will last. Unfortunately, Trojan cannot absorb these price rises, and we will need to increase prices of all resin and glass products effective from March 2021.

Supply lines for Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy raw materials is now very tight in supply. Many large raw material manufacturers are calling force majeure and not suppling throughout the world. Several Styrene Monomer plants have closed causing a worldwide shortage of Styrene in the market, both of these factors are directly responsible for sharp increases in pricing.

Fibreglass roving supply worldwide is at an all time low, Jushi one of the worlds biggest roving suppliers has made several price rises over the last few weeks, and with a strong push from them to look after their domestic market this is reducing export numbers worldwide, causing supply problems and slow export times.

We will continue to monitor market pricing and supply trends and will do our up-most best to continue supply to all of our customers. At this stage we have a good supply line coming into the country and production levels are still the same.

New pricing will be effective immediately on our online store platform. Trade account customers will be issued with revised pricing effective for March this week.

We appreciate your understanding during these trying times and valued your continued business. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Kind Regards, The Trojan Team

COVID-19 Trojan Fibreglass Update

COVID-19 Trojan Fibreglass Update



Dear Valued Customers,

We hope that you are looking after yourself, family, co-workers and friends in these uncertain times. Your health is the up most importance. We wanted to advise on how Trojan Fibreglass is fairing in this ever-changing pandemic.

We are ensuring our staff remain safe, and isolated if they are experiencing any effects of illness regardless of COVID-19. All staff are regularly washing hands and maintaining personal hygiene. We have implemented the following to our retail store front in an attempt to keep our staff, customers and families safe.

  • Our trade store, located in our manufacturing facility will be closed as of 8.30am 24/03/20. There will be no customers allowed to enter the store or warehouse to purchase materials. This will include order pickups.

We will still be able to process orders over the phone and via our online store. We believe this is the best and safest option to keep our staff and customers safe and reduce any spread of this horrible virus.

Currently we have had no restrictions on transportation between state borders, so we can continue to deliver materials via our online store and phone orders. We do ask that you please be patient as we are experiencing some delays with shipping as the freight network is heavily congested at this time and please be assured, we a processing and dispatching orders as fast as possible. All shipping and tracking information will be updated on your order status daily.

Current supply of raw materials is still strong and we still have good shipping schedules coming in from our overseas suppliers. We have pushed hard in the early days of this pandemic to ensure that we are in a good supply position to be able to continue supporting our customers’ demands in these tough times.

We do regret that due to the current economic crisis our raw material pricing has significantly increased, due to the falling US dollar, increased shipping cost and general demand. Over the next few weeks there will be price rises across our range of products. We will endeavor to keep rises to as low as possible and accommodate as best we can. As the crisis eases, we should see pricing move back inline.

We appreciate all your support and hope that you stay safe and healthy. If you any questions please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions.



Kind Regards


Dean Boote

General Manager


Trojan Fibreglass Pty Ltd is excited to announce that we’re the Australian distributor for Kay-Cel!

Trojan Fibreglass Pty Ltd is excited to announce that we’re the Australian distributor for Kay-Cel!

Kay-Cel Core is a rigid, high density, polyurethane alternative to marine grade plywood.

BUILT STRONGER Kay-Cel technology enables more strength with less weight.

LASTS LONGER Our Material prohibits rot by design due to it’s closed cellular structure, water cannot penetrate.

PROVEN QUALITY In over 50,000 boats featuring Kay-Cel core transoms, zero failures have been attributed to manufacturing defects.



  • Closed cell cross-linked polymer foam reinforced with fibreglass.
  • Reinforced with glass to increase mechanical properties.
  • Lightweight – 30% Lighter than marine plywood.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Won’t absorb water (.2% ASTM D2842).
  • Compatible with most resins/adhesives.
  • Self-extinguishing (when flame removed)
  • Resistant to insects, mold and fungus.

Sheet size is 1220mm x 2440mm available in various thicknesses.

Australian Composites distributor for Luperox® Organic Peroxides.



Dear Valued Customers,
We are proud to announce that as of the 01.07.2019 Trojan Fibreglass will be the Australian Composites distributor for Luperox® Organic Peroxides. With our first shipment landing at the end of June.
A bit of history on the Luperox brand. Luperox® is a manufactured by the Arkema Group, Arkema is a global specialty chemical manufacturer, specializing in performance materials, Industrial Specialties and Coating Solutions. Arkema operates in 55 countries worldwide, owns 136 production plants, employees 20,000 employee and is one of the top 3 largest organic peroxide produces in the world.
We have conducted many in-house and laboratory testing to ensure that the Luperox® Peroxide range will perform the same if not better in many applications, in comparison to the current peroxide range being supplied. We believe by partnering with Arkema we can better service your composites needs and open up a larger buying power, with expert solutions to all composite needs.
Throughout the next few months we will be integrating the Luperox® Peroxide range into our inventory, with the product comparisons for the Curox® and Butanox® brands. The Luperox® peroxide range will be available in the current standard pack sizes that we currently supply.
Pricing will remain the same with no retail price increases across the range.
Our standard peroxide supply will be Luperox® DDM-L, this is the direct chemical alternative to Butanox® M50 and Curox® M200. We will advise alternatives to our other peroxides in the coming months. All the product data sheets, safety data sheets and handling peroxides will be available on our website in the coming days.
We hope that you will support our new partnership with Luperox®, we are excited to be partnering with such a large and respected brand throughout the world and look forward to your continued business in the future. If you have any questions regarding the Luperox® range please feel free to call our office and our staff will be more than happy to assist.
Many Thanks
Paul Bennet
Managing Director
Trojan Fibreglass PTY LTD


Important info regarding our shipping costs

Time is running out …FAST and unless you can turn back the clock, you need to act NOW or MISS OUT!!!!

 From the 1st of November, 2019 there will be changes in our shipping costs.

FREE SHIPPING will no longer be available with the current minimum $150.00 purchase but you still have a couple of weeks before the changes take effect.

 After November 1st, a minimum spend of $200 will be required for customers to be eligible for the free shipping for online purchases


As always, we thank you sincerely for your ongoing support.

The team @Trojan



Just a reminder that we have introduced a new Online Trade Account system, if you are an ABN holder you can apply for an online trade account. The online trade account is for online purchases only and will give the applicant exclusive trade pricing from our online store. Terms and Conditions do apply. So follow the link below to complete your application.


And remember if you are not a current ABN holder you can still purchase all our products from the online store 24/7, we have Australia’s largest online composite site and with Australia’s best quality materials at the best prices.


The Trojan Team


Hope our new site is useful for you.

Hope our new site is useful for you.

We have been busy beavers working on a new online store to surprise you 🙂 We thought it was about time. Hope you find it useful and let me know if you like it or if you found a problem. Email me and let me know what you think.

Epoxy global price rise

Within the last 6 months the global epoxy raw material costings have been slowing increasing, we are now seeing some increases coming through from anywhere up to 8%. Some of the factors that are effecting the markets are slow growth in the mature markets of the US and Europe increased demand from environmental authorities in the Asian market.

Increased demand on bis phenol-A and Epichlorohydrin used in the production of epoxy resins continues to have the greatest effect on pricing. Increases to raw material pricing on curing agents is also on the increase with increases currently moving up to 5%.

Supply Partners

We value our partnerships with our many suppliers. We work hard to establish and maintain these partnerships to bring you the best composite materials in the industry

Trojan Fibreglass has an impressive list of supply partners and we have a very large purchasing network all over the world. For many years we have developed business relationships with some of the world’s top chemical and composites manufacturers. So you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality materials available.


Interested in becoming a distributer?
We are always on the look out for distributors right across Australia, if you are interested in becoming a distributor partner please contact us via the contact form below. We would be very happy to speak to you and let you know what we have to offer.

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