Fibreglass fillers are normally powdery materials that are added to resins to change the characteristics for example viscosity, thix, density, sand ability and flow properties. There is an extensive range of fillers available on the market to help the end user applications. Some of the most common fillers include, fumed silica, hollow spheres, talc, milled fibres and chopped strands. There are some specialty fillers available such as graphite powder, carbon and aramid fibre and micro spheres each providing superior performance characteristics.

At Trojan Fibreglass we have an excellent range of fillers that are available to purchase. We have partnered with some of the top brands in the world to provide you a premium quality product. One such is AEROSILĀ® , Aerosil is a fumed silica and is know to be the highest quality of fumed silica available on the market. You can be sure we will always have the most up to date fillers available in the marketplace.

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