Catalyst also refered to as MEKP (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) is a chemical used to cure thermoset resins in particular polyester and vinylester resins. Catalyst provides a reaction in the resins which in turn causes the resin to cure, this is called the crosslinking process. There are many different types of catayst available in the composite market and each one is specific to the end users needs.

At Trojan Fibreglass we use Butanox as our standard range of catalyst. Butanox is the leading catalyst brand in the world, manufactured by Akzo Nobel. Akzo Nobel is the worlds leading catalyst producer, they are also a leading manufacturer of many other composite products all over the world. Partnering with Akzo Nobel and Butanox means that you are getting the most reliable and guaranteed qaulity.

Care should always be taken when using catalyst products, they are flammable and cause serious skin irritations and burns. Catalyst in the eyes can cause damage to the eye and even blindness. It is extremely important to always were your PPE equipment. Full detail on all PPE required can be found on the Safety Data Sheet provide

We carry and have access to a full range of catalyst. Please contact our office to confirm available stock for the following: Butanox M50, Butanox M60, Curox M300, Curox M100

Watch the below video from our supply partner Akzo Nobel about curing of polyester resins.

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