Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) is an organic peroxide with the formula [(CH3)(C2H5)C(O2H)]2O2. MEKP is a colorless oily liquid. It is widely used in vulcanization (crosslinking) of polymers.

It is derived from the reaction of methyl ethyl ketone and hydrogen peroxide. Several products result from this reaction including a cyclic dimer, linear dimer, and MEKP which is the most prevalent and this is the form that is typically quoted in the commercially available material.

Solutions of 30 to 40% MEKP are used in industry as a catalyst to initiate the crosslinking of unsaturated polyester resins used in fibreglass, and casting. For this application, MEKP often is dissolved in dimethyl phthalate, cyclohexane peroxide, or diallyl phthalate to reduce sensitivity to shock.

Trojan Fibreglass is proud to be the Australian Distributor of Luperox®. We recommend and formulate all our resin systems using Luperox® by Arkema.

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