Fibreglass reinforcements provide strength to composite resins. Having just resin alone will not provide the utmost strength needed to produce composite parts or structures. Reinforcements come in many different types, shapes and sizes. Each variant provides different outcomes for the end user, and hence the selection process can be very daunting for the new enthusiast. Reinforcements can be broken up into some simple groups;

Glass Fibres These consist of chopped strand mat, woven cloth and rovings. These types of materials are the most common and most widely used reinforcements in the composite industry. They provide high strength, and the cost is substantially less than other alternatives. These reinforcement are relatively easy to work with, and are compatible with most resin systems. There are many different weights and sizes to select from to best suit your application.
High Performance This range of reinforcements are considered to the most superior of all reinforcements, they are lightweight and have exceptional strength to weigh ratio. Types of performance reinforcements are carbon fibre, aramid fibre (Kevlar®) and stitched fabrics. There are many different weaves, weights and sizes. All provide different advantages to the end user application. These high performance reinforcements do have an increased cost in comparison to glass fibres.

At Trojan Fibreglass we have an extensive range of both glass fibre and high performance reinforcements. We have been partnering with some of the biggest reinforcement producers in the world, from the likes of Jushi, PPG and Colan Reinforcements. You can be assured that we provide the highest quality of products and will always have access to the most up to date reinforcements available.
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