Polyurethane Expanding Foam Liquid

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Expanding Foam is two pack flame retardant low density rigid polyurethane foam system. Expanding Foam is formulated as a general purpose pour foam system that can be hand mixed  1:1 by volume. This system produces a stable foam system when used in ‘free rise applications’.

Expanding Foam has been fully tested for marine buoyancy applications . It also shows low weight and high stiffness in most applications.

Mixing Directions

  • Expanding Foam should be mixed in a clean plastic disposable container or measuring jug. It should be measured by volume only. It is very important to accurately measure parts A and B.
  • Ideal temperature is 18-25°c or room temperature. Temperature outside of this could have an impact on cure times.
  • Mix in the following ratio, 1 Part A : 1 Part B (Part A : Part B)
  • Use a syringe or measuring container to measure accurately, add parts and mix quickly. Mix for approx. 30 seconds, ensuring to scrape bottom and edges of the mixing container.
  • The following cure times are applicable if mixed in a 1:1 ratio *
    • Cream Time: 33 seconds*
    • Strong Time: 190 seconds*
    • Rise Time: 280 seconds*
    • Demolding Time: 30 minutes.*
  • When pouring foam into a cavity ensure there is an exit point for the foam to escape as it rises and expands, limited escape points could create excess pressure resulting in bulging or damage to the unit or part.

It will expand to APPROX 20 times it’s volume. a 1 Litre Kit will expand to 20 Litres in volume . ( this is an Approximation and is dependant on working conditions )

General Safety Directions

  • Always consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Available upon request.
  • Use in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear the following PPE safety equipment; disposable gloves, face mask, safety glasses.
  • If resin or catalyst comes into contact with skin or clothing. Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with cool water. If any further symptoms persist consult your doctor or emergency department.
  • Dispose of all resins as per your council regulations for hazardous material.
  * To be used as a guide only, ambient temperature and resin temperature will effect geltime and curing properties. The end user must test material before any application to ensure correct compatibility of the resin.