Jushi Chopper Gun Rovings 17.5KG Roll

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Spray -up Process

A mould is sprayed with a mixture of catalyzed resin and chopped fibreglass rovings. (fibreglass cut to specific length using a chopper gun). Then the glass-resin mixture is well compacted, usually manually, for composite impregnation and deairing. After curing the finished composite part is de-molded.

Good runnability for spraying operation, larger dispersion area in spraying, slower wet-out, less slide on vertical surfaces, suitable for production of large parts.

Jushi Assembled Chopper Gun Rovings are compatible with Polyester and Vinylester resin systems. They are low static, excellent dispersions and good wet-out in resin systems.

Trojan Fibreglass stocks bulk pallets of 850-1150kg per pallet. Product code ER-2400-180 (2 End Creel Pack)

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