Stitched Quad-Axial - 0º -45° +45° 90º

Multi-axial reinforcement fabrics are made up of several plies of parallel fibres, which can be laid in different orientations. The individual layers are then stitched together with a polyester thread to form a single ‘multi-axial reinforcement fabric which can be cut shaped and placed dry into a mould in the exact position needed for the finished part. Being stitched, a multi-axial fabric can be cut to shape and handled without falling apart and it has excellent in-mould drape ability for accurate dry lay-up.

This four layer fabric has fibreglass roving laid down parallel in the 0º, -45°, +45° and 90º axes. Lightweight stitching holds these fibres together and parallel in each layer. This stitching is non-structural. This fabric allows the builder to apply multiple layers simultaneously and adds excellent structural support and stiffness to the laminate. The 0° and 90º fibres add strength across the laminate with the 45° fibres adding additional cross bracing and torsional stability.

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