Stitched Biaxial - 0°/90°

Multi-axial reinforcement fabrics are made up of several plies of parallel fibres, which can be laid in different orientations. The individual layers are then stitched together with a polyester thread to form a single ‘multi-axial reinforcement fabric which can be cut shaped and placed dry into a mould in the exact position needed for the finished part. Being stitched, a multi-axial fabric can be cut to shape and handled without falling apart and it has excellent in-mould drape ability for accurate dry lay-up.

Biaxial fabric is a two layer fabric with fibreglass roving laid down parallel in the 0° and 90° axis. Lightweight stitching holds these fibres together and parallel in each layer. This is an ideal woven roving replacement and can be used in many general laminate applications. The flat, crimp free nature of the biaxial provides improved directional modulus, strength and higher reinforcement content. A lighter stiffer laminate can be achieved. The cosmetic finish of the laminate is also improved by avoiding the weave pattern associated with woven roving laminates.

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