Fibreglass Pigments are used to provide colour to either gelcoats, finishcoats or to tint laminating resins. Pigments come in a wide range of colours and varieties. Some manufacturers can provide custom colour matches for the end user. Pigments for resins come in two varieties polyester/vinylester pigment pastes and epoxy pigment pastes. The two are not compatible in each other. Epoxy pigment pastes are usally a thick paste manufactured from epoxy resins. Pigments can be added to resins at a rate from 1-10% of weight. Any more and amounts can modifiy the curing of the resin. The higher the % the more solid the colour will be, lower % can provided slight transperancy.

At Trojan Fibreglass we have a massive range of colours available, in both polyester/vinlyester and epoxy pigments.

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