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Specials at Trojan, January 2018

Current Deals from Trojan Fibreglass Online

Hi everyone! Hope your year is going well 🙂

Currently and until the end of January Trojan Fibreglass Online would like to offer you the following discounts.

  • Get 15% off Polyester Multi Laminating Resin
    ’til the end of January
  • Get 15% off Polyester Laminating Resin LSE
    ’til the end of January
  • Get 15% off Polyester ISO Laminating Resin
    ’til the end of January

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay tuned there is lots more to come this year.



Within the last 6 months the global epoxy raw material costings have been slowing increasing, we are now seeing some increases coming through from anywhere up to 8%. Some of the factors that are effecting the markets are slow growth in the mature markets of the US and Europe increased demand from environmental authorities in the Asian market.

Increased demand on bis phenol-A and Epichlorohydrin used in the production of epoxy resins continues to have the greatest effect on pricing. Increases to raw material pricing on curing agents is also on the increase with increases currently moving up to 5%.

Merry Christmas from Trojan

Christmas closing times

Trojan Fibreglass wishes you all a wonderful safe and happy Christmas.
We would also like to thank you sincerely for your continued patronage.
You will find our closing times over the holiday period below. Remember that you will still be able to make purchases online during this time, however please be aware that deliveries will not take place until we re-open on the 8th of January, 2018.
We will be closed for Christmas from 1pm on Friday the 22nd of December 2017 until 8:30 am on Monday the 8th of January, 2018.
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours from the team at Trojan Fibreglass.

Clear Casting Resin

October Specials

Its October already, doesn’t the year fly. This month its Art Month!

Have you used our Crystal Clear Casting Resin?

Our Crystal Clear Casting Resin, provides exceptional clarity in clear casting and encapsulating applications. Its provides excellent crack and craze resistance, and MEKP levels can be achieved as low as 1% without effecting final cure strength.

Our casting resin has been used by many professionals and hobbyist for many years with great success.

For the month of October we are going to take a huge 25% OFF off our Clear Casting Resin. Valid online only.

Sales Starts 01/10/2017 and ends 31/10/2017

FULL CARBON FIBRE RANGECarbon Fibre is fast becoming one of the most popular high performance reinforcements on the market.

carbon fibre
Available per roll or per metre
    Carbon provides:

  • High Stiffness
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Low Weight
  • Chemical Resistance

For the month of October we are taking 15% off our FULL Carbon FIbre Range. Don’t miss out. Sale available online only.

What’s on Sale this September?

Spring is here and its time to get started on those much needed boat repairs, ready for summer!

Have you tried our LSE Laminating Resin?

LSE Laminating Resin is a high quality ortho based resin, perfect for all those small repairs jobs or large projects.

LSE Laminating Resin will provide you with exceptional laminate strength, excellent wet out of fibres and long workable geltime.  

Our LSE Laminating Resin is LLoyds approved for marine applications so you can be sure you are using a trusted and reliable product. 

LSE Laminating Resin is part of the TROJAN RESIN RANGE which will provide you maximum performance every time!

For the month of September we are going to take a huge 25% OFF our LSE Laminating Resin. Valid on both our Online Trade Store and Ebay Store.

Double Bias Stitched Matting is a high performance multi axial stitched matting, that provides a lightweight laminated, lower resin absorption and high strength part or repair.  Double Bias is

stitched at a +45/-45 crossed pattern, this provides excellent impact strength, ideal for boat hulls, transoms and stringers. Double Bias cures with a lower resin imprint making sanding after cure

much easier.  This month we are going to take 15% OFF our  Double Bias range  

stitched biaxial double bias
stitched biaxial double bias


Sales Starts 01/09/2017 and ends 30/09/2017

Merry Christmas

Christmas Break Savings

Trojan Fibreglass is offering 15% of your online purchases during our seasonal break. Use coupon code ‘trojanrocks’ at checkout or view cart to apply your discount. Starts when we finish – on the 23rd of January at 4:30pm and finishes when we start… 9th of January 2017.
Remember that there are no deliveries during this period.
Have an awesome Christmas and New Year!

Christmas news
Christmas news
Thermolite board Australia

Exciting News!!

Trojan Fibreglass are now MAJOR DISTRIBUTORS for Thermo-Lite Board Australia

Why Use Thermo-lite?

  • No.1 Alternative product to ply-wood and other wood based products.
  • Guaranteed Non-absorbent
  • Lightweight composite product
  • High specific strength
    and toughness.
  • Durable and reliable
  • High impact strength
  • Sound and thermal insulation
  • Resistant to contamination.
  • Does not harbor mould or fungus
Coming Soon to our online store!

Wild weekend savings

Each weekend until the last weekend in October, we are slashing prices in our online store. This weekend we have a HUGE 20% off all online purchases!! No minimum spend… (as usual). All you have to do is put in the coupon code ‘trojanrocks’ to reap the rewards. Happy weekend everyone

Trojan Fibreglass has your safety in mind

Trojan Online now more secure!

We now have SSL!

Just a quick note to make you aware that your shopping and browsing experience with Trojan Online will be even more secure. Trojan Fibreglass has implemented SSL (Secure Socket Layer) site-wide keeping all your information secure through encryption techniques which help to keep the ‘baddies’ at bay. Don’t worry, as we have always processed your purchases via PayPal your financial details were always safe as none of your transaction details are ever placed on our site whatsoever but, we just wanted to give you that extra bit of security…and now we have!