Surface Tissue 20gm² Per Metre

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Per metre

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The tissue is made from six layers of continuous fibres, 12 micron dia., of a low-melt, corrosion resistant glass, C-glass (ASTM C162-03), randomly dispersed across the sheet. The corrosion resistance is Acid Class 1 (DIN12116), Alkali Class 2 (Din52322) and Hydrolytic Class3 (DIN12111).  The binder, a styrene acrylate copolymer, is compatible with all types of vinyl-ester, polyester resins.

P300 LN surface tissue is used in the inner corrosion barrier to form a resin-rich layer, and also in the exterior layer to provide resin-richness for additional weathering protection.  The tissue meets the requirements of British Standard BS4994, “Design and Construction of Vessels and Tanks in Reinforced Plastics”, and American Standard ASME/ANSI RPT-1-1989, “Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion Resistant Equipment”.

Weight: 20gm/m²     Width: 1000mm