Prestec 27X6 Hi-Gloss Gelcoat Additive + Catalyst

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Prestec 27X6 Hi-Gloss Gelcoat Additive can be blended with un-waxed gelcoats to achieve a high gloss, smooth tack free surface. Using Prestec 27X6 in gelcoats can help reduce gelcoat viscosity, flow, porosity and open air cure. With the addition of Prestec 27X6 in gelcoats a reduction in viscosity can enable gelcoats to be comfortably sprayed using HVLP spray equipment.

Prestec 27X6 can also be used as a clear high gloss topcoat that possesses perfect flow and leveling characteristics as well as exceptional UV and scratch resistance. Prestec 27X6 can be buffed and refinished to the original high gloss appearance. Perfect to be used as a clear top coat over, stains, varnishes, pigmented colours to improve colour depth and as a wood coating. 

“PRESTEC 27X6 is the perfect replacement for DURATECH 904-001, dont pay absorbent prices for an inferior product”


Addition Rates

  • Addition rate of 30 – 50% into gelcoat will ensure gelcoat cures with a tack free high gloss finish. The prefered addition rate is 30%. When using gelcoats with organic pigments it is advised to use addition rates of only 30% to ensure good hiding power and colour coverage.

Mixing Directions

  • Prestec 27X6 should be mixed in a clean plastic disposable container or measuring jug. Prestec 27X6 should be measured by volume or weight only. It is very important to accurately measure resin and catalyst for optimum performance.
  • Ideal temperature is 18-25°c or room temperature. Temperature outside of this will have a change in pot life and working time.
  • Mix Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (Catalyst) with Prestec 27X6 at a ratio of 2% by weight or volume.
  • Use a syringe or scales to measure catalyst accurately, add to measured resin and mix slowly, ensuring not to create excessive air entrapment. Mix for approx. 30 seconds, ensuring to scrape bottom and edges of the mixing container.

Application Directions

  • Mix Contents of Can Thoroughly
  • Utilization of HVLP spray gun optimizes finish
  • Tip Size 1.7 – 2.5mm
  • Air pressure 25-40 PSI
  • Allow full cure (24 hours) prior to sand and polish or topcoat application
  • Maintain 12-18″ distance between gun and surface
  • Start with flash coat (2 mils). Wait 2 minutes then start building coats of 4 mils per pass, up to optimum 24 mils

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