RAPID SAND Light Grey Polyester Sanding Primer (2090) + Catalyst

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Product Applications

  • Pattern Surfaces – Tooling Board
    (Urethane, Epoxy)
  • Substrate Primer for Prestec Top Coats
  • Marine Application – Above the Water Line
  • Post Paint Application Primer
  • Wood Primer – MDF, Marine Grade Woods
  • Architectural Applications

Product Features

  • Rapid Build Primer
  • Easier Sanding than Surface Primer
  • Perfect Primer for Prestec Top Coats
  • Virtually No Porosity
  • Relatively High Build to 60 MILS (1520µ)
  • Low VOC Product
  • Self-Leveling
  • Eliminates the need for PVA or Wax
  • Surfacing Agent

Application Suggestions

  • Mix contents of can thoroughly
  • Optimum Temperature of 25ºC
  • Catalyze 2% w/ MEKP initiator
  • Utilization of HVLP spray gun optimizes finish
  • Tip size 1.8 – 2.5 mm
  • Air pressure 25-40 PSI (175-275 kPa)
  • Can build to 1.5mm (1520µ) without sagging or cracking
  • Allow full cure (24 hrs) prior to sand and polish or top coat application
  • Maintain 30-45cm distance between gun and surface
  • Start with flash coat 0.05mm (50µ). Wait 2 min then start build coats of  0.1 (100µ) per pass, up to optimum 0.6mm (610µ)

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