Partall ®Coverall Film PVA Release Agent Purple LOW VOC

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PARTALL® Coverall Film is a water based polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coating comprised of solvent-resistant, film-forming materials. Once dry, the
PVA film is resistant to solvents in the resin system used to make composites parts but is soluble in water. It is particularly recommended as
a parting agent for separation between polyester, vinylester, or epoxy resins and various mold surfaces but may be used with most thermoset
resins. PARTALL
® Coverall Film is not recommended for use with mold substrates or resins (e.g., phenolics) containing water or giving off
water during cure or with automotive finishes.
® Coverall Film parts easily from mold surface and is readily dissolved from molded parts and spray equipment with water. For most
composite casting processes PARTALL
® Coverall Film is used over wax such as PARTALL® Paste #2 or other mold release agents and renewed
for each part casting.
Application Guide
PARTALL® Coverall Film
Molding surface must be thoroughly dry and free of other parting agents and contaminants such as silicone, dust, and compressor oil prior to
application of PARTALL
® Coverall Film. Porous molds (i.e., plaster or wood) must be sealed; composites grade sealers, such as FORMULA
® Mold Sealer and FORMULA FIVE ® Mold Sealer-S, are recommended but fairing compounds, automobile type primer-sealers, and lacquers may be sufficient. Rough wood molds or plugs may be adequately sealed with a number of coats of PARTALL® Paste #2. Waxes or
sealers containing high levels of silicone should be avoided as they can create separation or pin holes in the PVA film. Best practice is to allow
residual solvents to out-gas from sealers and waxes for at least one hour prior to application of PARTALL
® Coverall Film.


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