Modelling Clay

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Only the very best non-toxic raw materials, together with a time-tested formula, are used in the production of this fine quality, traditional modelling clay which has been made in Australia since 1941. Modelling Clay is manufactured from odour-less and harmless materials to produce a non-toxic Plasticine-like modelling media that remains re-usable, always pliable, easily worked, does not dry on exposure to air and will not stick to or stain the hands. Modelling clay cannot be hardened by firing in an oven or kiln and will only melt when exposed to temperatures greater than 650c. Modelling Clay can be used on permanent structures and has found a wide variety of other industrial and commercial uses as a casting or moulding material for plaster, plastics and fibreglass.

Available in 500gm and 4kg blocks.


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