500 SERIES Epoxy Laminating Resin -Super Slow Cure KIT

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500 Series Epoxy Laminating Resin is a high performance epoxy based resin system, designed for wet layup and vacuum bagging applications and uses the most up to date chemistry available, formulated and manufactured in our Australian production plant. 500 Series Epoxy Resin is ideal to be used extensively in marine craft where it shows excellent water, chemical and corrosion resistance. Its low viscosity make it easy to wet out glass fibres in small or large layups. Fillers can easily be added to make a high quality glue paste or fairing compound. 500 Series has three hardener options available that will suit different applications and temperature regions.

510B Fast Hardener – Is a fast set 10-15 minute pot life, ideal for those small projects where fast cure times are essential, or making a fast set glue paste. *

520B Slow Hardener – This is our standard hardener that suits most applications and provides a good balance between work time and cure time. Pot life is approx. 20-30 mins  Ideal for all hand layup repairs and part production. *

530B Super Slow Hardener – This hardener provides a long usable worktime that is ideal for those hot days when temperature cannot be regulated. 530B hardener is crystal clear in appearance, ideal to be used for surfboard and surf ski layups, where is shows excellent glass fibre wet out, increased UV stability and can be pigmented with a wide range of pigments. Pot life of approx. 30-40 minutes. *

All 500 SERIES Kit purchases online will come with both Part A and Part B resin.


Mixing Directions

  • Resin should be mixed in a clean plastic disposable container or measuring jug. Resin should be measured by volume only. It is very important to accurately measure resin and hardener for optimum performance.
  • Ideal resin temperature is 18-25°c or room temperature. Resin temperature outside of this will have a change in pot life and working time.
  • Mix the following hardeners at the specified ratios.
    • 510B Hardener (5 Parts A : 1 Part B)
    • 520B Hardener (5 Parts A : 1 Part B)
    • 530B Hardener (3 Parts A : 1 Part B)
  • Use a syringe or  measuring cup to measure hardener accurately, add to measured resin and mix slowly, ensuring not to create excessive air entrapment. Mix for approx. 30 seconds, ensuring to scrape bottom and edges of the mixing container. A good rule of thumb for mixing epoxy is to keep mixing epoxy until the cloudiness of the hardener disappears and this means the part A and part B have been blended well together.
  • Epoxy resins a suspectable to amine blush at times, amine blush is an oil like film that appears on the resin surface once cured, and this is due to excessive moisture in the air, to minimize the amount of blush that may appear on the resin surface ensure you choose a low humidity day or environment this will aid in reducing the blush. In the event that blush occurs light wet sand and polish can improve the surface finish.

General Safety Directions

  • Always consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Available upon request.
  • Use in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear the following PPE safety equipment; disposable gloves, face mask, safety glasses.
  • If resin or hardener comes into contact with skin or clothing. Remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with cool water. If any further symptoms persist consult your doctor or emergency department.
  • Dispose of all resins as per your council regulations for hazardous material.
  * To be used as a guide only, ambient temperature and resin temperature will effect geltime and curing properties. The end user must test material before any application to ensure correct compatibility of the resin.