3M Marine Compound and Finishing Material

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3M™ Marine Compound and Finishing Material removes scratches, oxidation, stains, swirl marks and other blemishes that are robbing your boat of its beauty. Our “two-in-one” compound and polish eliminates common imperfections from fiberglass and marine gel coats. Boats look stunning with refreshed high gloss exteriors when compounded and finished with our special formula.

  • Removes light to heavy oxidation
  • Eliminates sand scratches and swirl marks
  • Unique formula combines compound and polish
  • Fast cutting action saves time
  • Delivers a high gloss finish

Does Double Duty for Marine Detailing
3M™ Marine Compound and Finishing Material restores the lustrous beauty of boats by eliminating oxidation, scratches, scuff marks and other surface blemishes. Our unique formulation combines a compound with finishing polishes, which does a double duty task of removing imperfections and polishing in one application. The simplicity and time savings of our “two-in-one” product with compound and polish makes it a favorite among boat detailing professionals.

Our compound and finishing material is highly rated for scratch removal. Use this product to remove P600-P800 dual action or P1000-P1200 sand scratches with a wool compounding pad. You may also use an air or electric buffer (1500-2500 Max. RPM) equipped with Compound Buff Pads. It has a fast cut and delivers a swirl-free finish.

Directions for Use
Before using this product, please reference Product Label and/or Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information:

  • Shake container before using.
  • Apply sufficient material to surface to work a 2 foot by 2 foot area. To minimize slinging, spread the compound over the surface with the compounding pad before starting the machine.
  • Start machine using light to medium pressure.
  • Reduce pressure as compound starts to dry, allowing material to polish surface.
  • Repeat, only if necessary, to remove any remaining sanding marks or swirls.
  • The combined benefits of a compound and polish in one product mean you spend more time relaxing on your boat out on the water and less time detailing it. Enjoyment is what having a boat is all about!

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