Dear Valued Customers,
We are proud to announce that as of the 01.07.2019 Trojan Fibreglass will be the Australian Composites distributor for Luperox® Organic Peroxides. With our first shipment landing at the end of June.
A bit of history on the Luperox brand. Luperox® is a manufactured by the Arkema Group, Arkema is a global specialty chemical manufacturer, specializing in performance materials, Industrial Specialties and Coating Solutions. Arkema operates in 55 countries worldwide, owns 136 production plants, employees 20,000 employee and is one of the top 3 largest organic peroxide produces in the world.
We have conducted many in-house and laboratory testing to ensure that the Luperox® Peroxide range will perform the same if not better in many applications, in comparison to the current peroxide range being supplied. We believe by partnering with Arkema we can better service your composites needs and open up a larger buying power, with expert solutions to all composite needs.
Throughout the next few months we will be integrating the Luperox® Peroxide range into our inventory, with the product comparisons for the Curox® and Butanox® brands. The Luperox® peroxide range will be available in the current standard pack sizes that we currently supply.
Pricing will remain the same with no retail price increases across the range.
Our standard peroxide supply will be Luperox® DDM-L, this is the direct chemical alternative to Butanox® M50 and Curox® M200. We will advise alternatives to our other peroxides in the coming months. All the product data sheets, safety data sheets and handling peroxides will be available on our website in the coming days.
We hope that you will support our new partnership with Luperox®, we are excited to be partnering with such a large and respected brand throughout the world and look forward to your continued business in the future. If you have any questions regarding the Luperox® range please feel free to call our office and our staff will be more than happy to assist.
Many Thanks
Paul Bennet
Managing Director
Trojan Fibreglass PTY LTD


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