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Why was my AfterPay payment declined?

Afterpay is committed to responsible spending – because anything else is bad for you, bad for our merchant partners and bad for Afterpay.

Afterpay assesses your ability to make repayments in your short installment plan.  The longer you have been a responsible shopper with Afterpay, the more likely they will be to approve your purchase.  This helps them grow a community of responsible spenders that work with them every day to plan, buy and pay.

For those who have only recently joined Afterpay, spending limits will generally be lower.  However, the longer a user is with us, spending responsibly and making repayments on time, spending limits are likely to increase.

As you learn more about each other, our system incentivises responsible spending and we can work together to help you to plan, buy and pay for more of the things you need.

Before attempting to make a purchase with Afterpay, it’s really important that you think about the following:

  • Are there sufficient funds in your account?  Generally AfterPay want to see at least 25% of the purchase price
  • How long have you been using Afterpay? Afterpay are more likely to limit you to small purchases in the first six weeks
  • How much do you have to repay on this purchase and any other previous outstanding purchases? The smaller the amount to repay, the more likely your purchase will be approved

AfterPay are committed to making sure our community supports responsible spending.  To help they have developed special proprietary technology to assess individual purchase applications. This system is vital to help you stay in control of your money and avoid missed payments whenever possible.

Please Note:

Afterpay does not approve 100% of orders. They are committed to ensuring we support responsible spending. 

When determining which orders to approve, they consider a number of different factors. As an example, the longer you have been a shopper with Afterpay and the more orders you have successfully repaid, the more likely you will be able to spend more.

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