Trojan Fibreglass Pty Ltd is excited to announce that we’re the Australian distributor for Kay-Cel!

Kay-Cel Core is a rigid, high density, polyurethane alternative to marine grade plywood.

BUILT STRONGER Kay-Cel technology enables more strength with less weight.

LASTS LONGER Our Material prohibits rot by design due to it’s closed cellular structure, water cannot penetrate.

PROVEN QUALITY In over 50,000 boats featuring Kay-Cel core transoms, zero failures have been attributed to manufacturing defects.



  • Closed cell cross-linked polymer foam reinforced with fibreglass.
  • Reinforced with glass to increase mechanical properties.
  • Lightweight – 30% Lighter than marine plywood.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Won’t absorb water (.2% ASTM D2842).
  • Compatible with most resins/adhesives.
  • Self-extinguishing (when flame removed)
  • Resistant to insects, mold and fungus.

Sheet size is 1220mm x 2440mm available in various thicknesses.

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